Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013 and my blog

So, I've been inspired by all my friends on twitter who went to Blissdom and all the tidbits they have shared since coming back.  The biggest thing that I have gotten from all of it is that I simply want to get back to blogging.  I want my kids to have this blog as my memories of their lives.  So no time like the present to start...

Today was Easter Sunday.  We went to church this morning and also finally joined the church.  We have been going to this same church since the kids and I got here in July, but just haven't ever joined.  Church was SO good.  I missed not getting to stand with my choir family and sing, but no one would have wanted to have heard my was bad enough I didn't even sing in the congregation!!  The family that sat behind us has 7 week old boy/girl twins.  It made my heart ache for my babies again!!!  I can't believe that they are already almost 2.  Just seems like it has flown by. 

After church, we came home and I got some quick pictures of the kids since it was POURING rain when we left for church.  They were as cooperative as you can expect for two 23 month olds who just want to go play with their goodies from the Easter bunny. 

We had several of Billy's players over for lunch, and then we all took naps.  Once we got up from our naps, we took full advantage of the good weather and went for a ride in the Jeep with the windows out.  Hannah's hair was out of control when we got home.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of it.  Sister had some major fro action going on!  After dinner and putting on pajamas, it was back outside to take their cars for a cruise and to try out their bubble machine they got. 

It was a nice relaxing day and the kids went to bed exhausted.  Billy and I are ending the day watching the Rangers game. 

As seems to be the case with all important days in our lives, I missed my family dearly today.  They all were at my aunt and uncle's house, and I'm sad we weren't there to enjoy all the fun, but thankful for a great day here in Arkansas.